The NEST horticulture team operate out of the Southern Gold Coast and offer both short and long-term landscape management on all Nest designs. Scheduled visits are timed to ensure that tasks like formative pruning, detailed hedging, soil & turf management, plant training, irrigation, fertilising and pest & disease management are undertaken at the most critical times to ensure the long-term design expectations are met.

The scale and frequency of maintenance visits can be directed by the property owner, although all maintenance expectations are worked out with the owner at the initial design. Alongside the pruning and plant management, the Nest Horticulture team consider all aspects of the landscape, including irrigation & water management, and the maintenance of exterior elements such as timber decking, outdoor furniture and cleaning & sealing of paving and hard surfaces.




1 / What support do you provide following project completion?

We provide a 6-month maintenance period which is included, following construction of any NEST designs. This covers all irrigation scheduling, plant pest & disease management and formative pruning ensuring your landscape will establish comfortably. We then offer long-term garden maintenance through our Nest Horticulture team. Of course you can call us any time if you ever have any questions.

3 / How often do you need to come to maintain the garden?

Long-term maintenance inputs are considered during the design phase, so this is dependant on the garden itself. We design our gardens based on the maintenance expectations.

4 / Do you do Irrigation?

Yep, we install and check the system, manage the timing & frequency and adjust for seasonality where required. We also fix any damage which may occur over time.