Our landscape construction team on the Gold Coast ensures that the intent of the design is realised whilst project budgets and timeframes are met. Strong lines of communication between the designers and the site supervisors ensure the fluidity of a project is managed and ensure any unexpected changes will maintain the original design objectives.

Our in-house project team work alongside specialist contractors and craftsmen & women to produce a finished landscape that matures over time as the softscape compliments the hardscape and the home.

Prior to the commencement of each project, Nest provides supporting documentation – project schedules and Gantt charts, design documentation, transparent budgets, and clear expectations from the team and the client. This enables the client to be as involved as they wish in the delivery process, and to follow the progress as the garden is created.




What hours do your construction team work onsite?

Onsite hours are generally Monday to Friday, 7am to 3pm.

Are your construction team in house?

Yes. Majority of work is done by the NEST team. We utilise some reliable specialist contractors for particular works of which we’ve established great working relationships over time.

How does the payment scheduling work?

We nominate progress payments throughout the project. These are stipulated in our project schedule from your initial consultation.

Can we reside at home through construction?

Yes. All works will be external, and won’t have any major impacts on your living arrangements, with the exception of driveway & front access during front landscape works.

How will we be notified on project updates and tracking information?

Its important that you are kept up to date with all project information and provided with real time tracking information on the project. Alongside all designs, Nest provides an initial project information sheet to you prior to construction commencement, and you will be provided with our weekly wrap ups on whats happening on site by our site manager. Enquire here.

Are you licensed?

Yes, NEST has a QBCCC Licence for Structural Landscaping.