A carefully considered garden delivers key elements for its owners – areas of comfort and solitude, social interaction, a sense of arrival and entry, interactive play spaces for children and year round vistas.

A sense of harmony is created with proportionally scaled al fresco terraces, entertaining areas and garden rooms which create the bones of a functional and well defined outdoor space.

Our clients love the subtle details that reveal themselves in a garden – shadowlines, flow and transition from one space to another, composition and framing of sightlines into and out of the house, all whilst taking cues from the architecture of the property. Our designs embody these elements to accentuate the connection between the home and the landscape, whilst maintaining a consistency with the appeal and styling of the home.

We consider project budgets and long-term garden maintenance expectations prior to developing concepts and finalising landscape designs. Our scope isn’t limited to plants and hardscape – we cover swimming pools, outdoor furniture, covered pergolas & climbing frames, vertical & roof gardens, kitchen gardens & food forests, pool & gate houses. With the aid of tactile moodboards during concept preparations and 3d design when required, our clients are able to get a clear vision of their new landscape.




1 / We are currently building / renovating, when is the best time to start the design process for the garden?

As early as possible. We work in conjunction with builders and architects to ensure both the design and delivery are cohesive. If you are wishing to have a pool installed it is critical in having that planned early on. This will help to eliminate as many design and construct constraints as possible. Clear site access is essential in enabling us to get the machinery in and to deliver the necessary materials, plants and soil. If you are wishing to have a pool installed it is critical in having that planned whilst doing any renovations or new builds.

What is your process from when we make contact through to project completion?

Nest can help with all stages of the design and construct journey, from initial concepts through to garden installation and ongoing maintenance.

//  Initial Consultation & Preparation of Concept

// Concept Design &  Documentation (Establish Project Budget)

// Council Approval (if required)

// Detail Design Development & Documentation (where required)

// Landscape Construct Quote & Project Scheduling

// Construction & Installation

// Project Completion and Handover

// Follow Up Review & Maintenance Period

// Garden Care Scheduled (if required)

Will you provide us with a hard copy of the design to review and discuss?

Yes we provide full colour plans, scaled for you to review and keep. We will go through these in detail with you.

What sort of timeframe are we looking at from the design phase completion?

Contact NEST directly to attain current timeframes. Designs can be pending whether you have base plans, accurate site surveys, common building plans and or whether we need to measure up your site.

Do you design for both residential properties as well as commercial?

Yes we do both.

What are some good things to consider before project initiation?

Start thinking about who and how you will be using your garden, your long-term plan (ie. forever home vs potential sale in 5 years), your style, landscape elements that you’d love to incorporate – needs & wants. Consider areas requiring privacy, vs views that need accentuating.

Pinterest boards and inspirational images are helpful to defining the design brief, including layout options and material palettes, and start gathering any site and building plans which will be used as a base for the landscape plans to work off.